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Hey everyone! I am hoping to be able to get some more brushes made but my life has been sooo busy! The jewlery line that i have has just started making jewlery for a clothing line! Im super excited about that!

I can not keep up with all of the fav's and comments that i get on here! I wake up to about 50 favs a day!

So i just wanted to thank everyone right now that has faved my stuff or has commented me! Sorry i can't comment everyone back!

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I just want to thank everyone for adding all kinds of my stuff to there favs! Its getting to the point where i can't even keep up with everything because i dont have them time! I am getting like 100 messages a day, i dont have the time to comment back and thank everyone! So i just wanted to say thank you here! I just finished my website so i will be adding a lot more stuff here because i am going to have a lot more time! If you visit my website i have the plushes that i make for sale there!

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Yup i am haveing a contest. All the info that you need…

yes go now! Enter it!


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So today i searched "xCassiex24"

Why did i to this you ask?
-Because, in just about everything that i upload onto deviant art as a keyword i always put xcassiex24 so that when i am bored i can search my own art. lol lame i know, or it is for people that like my work can search everything i have.

So anyways getting on with this little story of mine.
I searched xcassiex24 and other peoples work came up, confussion at this point is what was going on in my brain. So i click on these peoples work. All of a sudden my mind became overcome with joy and happyness.
These people have used my brushes and have put my username in there keywords.

This made me strangly happy hehe.

So i had to share this with you all =)
Dont you love how simple things please me?

Anyways, lets see if i can change me mood...

Thats a no, i still cant do it! RAWR.

Well im off to make some stuff, (plushies and brushes)

Comment this blog, i bet it will make me happy =)
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Ohh yeaa babys thats right!
I actually uploaded something new today.
The Fuzzy Munster thing i made =)
I love it, its so cute!
I've got some new stuff coming soon, i've just been sooooooooo extremly busy!

(i really wish they would fix this whole mood thing)
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  • Drinking: a muffin =) (yea try and figure that one out!)
Well as you can see i havnt really been on here at all, and i havnt uploaded anything new.

My dad has been in the hospital he is having very bad health problems, and heart problems, i dont know when i will able to get back on here and get some new stuff up. Hopefully it will be soon!

Also i must say, i hate the new way you see your messages now, its very annoying, with the notices and advertisments. Does anyone else agree?

<3 Cassie

p.s. - I still cannont change my mood, i am not "zest" , im starving lol
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ohh yeaaa i got over 2,000 pageviews!

I wanna thank all my awesome watchers =)

Im super tired right now but i am going to write more later on or tomorrow!
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I am almost at 2,000 Page views, it seems like not too long ago i was posting a that i was almost at 1,000!
I also have 20 awesome watchers!

I am glad that all of you like my work, and use my brushes!

I am becoming very addictived to deviant art! I love it, everyone here is nice, idk lol it just an awesome place!

Well if any one has any suggestions for new brushes or anything let me know!
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Oh boy =0

I havn't been loyal to deviant art the last week *cries*

Oh man i have been sooo busy its crazy! But im glad while i wasnt on everyone was still using my brushes that i made and all that good stuff =)

Hopefully i will get a lot more stuff up soon.

I have just been really busy with my jewlery line, which is a good thing!

Well i just wanted to write a journl and all that good stuff!


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Yay! I got over 1,000 views. This makes me very happy!
Hopefully its because people liek the work i do, and like the brushes.
Well i dont have too much to say right now, so ill be back later!
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Woot! I am almost at 1,000 pageviews. I think thats awesome since i have only been here since May 6 2008 , thats not to long.

I have to thank that 10 faithful watchers that i have though!

When i joined deviant art i didnt really think that it was going to be this interesting i actually though that it was going to be boring.
But once i got into i learned its a really awesome site, filled with awesome people!

So anyways, enough about all that.

I need ideas for new photoshop brushes, if you have any ideas just post them in a comment on here. Mkay!
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So, as you can see i've started making photoshop brushes =] , Im glad that i finally took the time to learn how to do it, if i knew that it was so easy i would have taken the time a long time ago =) . Well if there are any types of brushes that you would like to request just comment my journal.
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I love tim burton and all of his work! If you do to you should check out
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